Sustainably Grown Organic Berries

Southern Belle Organics is a premium organic grower and processor of fresh and frozen strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, located in Southeastern North Carolina. You won’t find bigger or better berries anywhere.

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Individual Quick Freezing at Southern Belle Organics

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Southern Belle Organics is a state-of-the-art facility for processing frozen fruit. We have an IQF Tunnel for the individual quick freezing and packaging of various kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Quick freezing individual pieces allows consumers to use only what is needed when it is needed. Quick freezing, preserves the cell structure of the plant material, so the berries don’t get soggy when defrosted.

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Southern Belle Organics Cares for the Environment

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Organic farming is where it all started for Southern Belle Organics. We offer our customers the very best nature has to offer in every bite. We know that to maintain that goodness we must take proper care of the environment. Our farms use only organic fertilizers made with natural ingredients. We keep our soil in good condition by pulling weeds and rotating crops.

We have dedicated 183 acres to organically growing our blueberries, and 200 acres to organically growing strawberries, blackberries and vegetables.

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Our Message

Southern Belle Organics, Simply Fruit, and Berry Express are our labels, collected under one roof, to bring you a sustainable and secure food system that promotes the health of humans and the environment. In addition to fresh packed fruits, we also perform IQF, individual quick freezing, to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, so you can enjoy the goodness any time of year.

Southern Belle Organics is the label we use for our Top Quality, Premium, Grade A organic blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. You won’t find bigger or better berries anywhere. Sweet, juicy, and flavorful, our berries will make your recipes even better.

Simply Fruit is the label for our conventionally grown products, both fruits and vegetables, as well as the organic berries that are too small for our Southern Belle’s premium line. Look for our Simply Fruit label wherever you shop for fresh produce, and don’t forget to find us in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store.

Berry Express is the name of our transportation business featuring refrigerated trucks. We like to control the environment of our products from the field to the grocery store, ensuring their freshness for you. We leave nothing to chance, knowing we can do it right if we do it ourselves.

Southern Belle Organics' Building

Under our umbrella

Under our umbrella you will find the most helpful and friendly folks working together like a family, to produce taste delights that will make you as healthy and happy as naturally possible. We strive to educate the public about the benefits of eating sustainable, organically grown foods whenever possible.

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Our packaging facilities undergo annual third-party audits using Primus GFS (global food safety) practices to ensure sanitation standards. Our grow operations are regulated by the USDA. Southern Belle Organics LLC is examined annually by a third party to document that our organic farming practices remain within national guidelines.

The workers in our grow fields are trained in the proper handling of raw produce and contamination prevention. The employees in our packaging facility wear protective garments (smocks, gloves, hair nets, and beard nets) to prevent on-site contamination during processing. We follow a USDA compliant, 32 step standard operating procedure, to ensure food safety as well as quality.

By choosing to eat organically grown foods you are “voting with your fork” for healthier soil, safer farms, and cleaner air, land, & water. The planet will thank you.

Now That You Know Us…

Are you a farmer in search of a packaging facility? Do you need transportation for your crops?

Please call us at 910 648-5424 Monday-Friday. We handle every step of the operations necessary to bring foods safely from the farm to the table.

Southern Belle Organics is proud to serve you. Our motto is “Freshness with a Southern Charm”

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