Hand Washing – Preventing Contamination in the Grow Field

hand washingSouthern Belle Organics wants its customers and consumers to get all the good nutrition that nature can offer from its fruits and vegetables, without any worry of foodborne illnesses like hepatitis A, salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus. That is why we have a strict hand washing policy.

Dirty hands in the grow field can lead to contamination of the harvest, so Southern Belle Organics takes steps to ensure that our farm workers have ready access to a clean toilet and hand washing facilities in the fields. We provide hygiene training for all field workers and clean water for hand washing in the grow field.

hand hygiene

Hand Picked

Most berries are hand-picked and not heated or cooked prior to consumption. They are at risk for contamination with viruses and bacteria. The use of alcohol based sanitizers is not effective for removing or destroying viruses, so prevention is the best practice to observe.

It all begins with training. Southern Belle Organics educates all our farm workers about good hand hygiene practices, proper glove use, and antibacterial hand scrubs.

All of our farms provide clean toilet facilities with soap and clean water for proper hand washing with disposable towels, and trash bins to keep refuse from littering our grow areas.

Just as you would wash your hands before preparing food in your own kitchen, Southern Belle Organics insists that all of our farm workers and packing facility employees observe proper hygiene while on the job.

harvesters hand washing

There is no excuse for not properly washing your hands when you are working with raw produce. Southern Belle Organics accepts no excuses from farm workers or packaging facility employees when it comes to cleanliness.

We follow a 32 step Standard Operating Procedure to ensure that no contamination occurs on our watch.

Southern Belle Organics is inspected annually by a third party to verify our compliance with Primus GPS standards as are required by the FDA.



At Southern Belle Organics, we do it all for you.

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