Organically Grown Fruits

Southern Belle Organics hasn’t wasted any time becoming a premium organic berry grower in Bladen County, and expanding our services. We devote 283 acres to growing blueberries and use 200 more acres for organic farming, other than blueberries.

In late 2017, we began development on an additional 400 acres for organically grown blueberries.

Individual Quick Freezing

individual quick freeze tunnelSouthern Belle Organics and Simply Fruit are our labels for the berries we process both fresh and frozen. Our IQF (individual quick freeze) facility, is 25,000 square feet and was built using state of the art technology to ensure food safety. IQF packaging allows us to preserve the berries, and they remain loose after freezing.

The Berry Express

Berry Express is the name of our transportation business. We can ship out frozen foods in our refrigerated trucks, and ensure that our products are kept in optimum condition on the way to their destinations.

Southern Belle Organics' Building

Organic Farming is Not New

Organic farming techniques are not new, or unique, they are just natural and sustainable.

During the food shortages after WWII, (back when tractors were just becoming popular farm equipment), and synthetics were being developed in all aspects of American culture, farming started to lean towards industrialization.

Some farmers stopped rotating crops from one year to the next, because they could now add synthetic fertilizer to the soil, and plant the same crop in the same place season after season. After some years, and some evidence of the effect that industrial farming was having on the soil (and the environment as a whole), farmers around the world began to reject the “industrialization as an advancement” idea, and returned to more of a “stewardship of the Earth” type of farming.

That is what we call Organic Farming or Sustainable Farming today.

organic farming

Organic Farming, also known as Sustainable Farming, maintains soil integrity, ecological balance, and biodiversity, while using natural products and methods to control pest populations and restore nutrients to the soil.

Organic logoSince 2002, organic farming has been under the authority of the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program, which determines what can be sold to the public using the certified organic label. They regulate the processes by which these foods are produced, and prohibit the use of synthetic products for herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Organic Farms must be independently certified every year and approved by the USDA.

Food Preservation

After the harvest, organically grown foods should be processes as quickly as possible to preserve the freshness and natural goodness. Organically grown foods don’t have the extended shelf life we have come to expect from industrially farmed foods which are treated with preservatives.

Our IQF tunnel preserves the cellular structure of the fruit by quick freezing, preventing ice crystals from damaging the tender morsels, and allowing you to thaw your berries before use, without having them turn soggy.

IQF Processing Berries at Southern Belle Organics

Cold Storage

Southern Belle Organics has a huge cold storage room for storing processed foods while they await shipping.

cold storageLettuce in cold storage at Southern Belle Organics

Trust Our Label, and Our Commitment

Southern Belle Organics was founded by Brick and Jennifer Rooks, two first generation farmers with a passion for berries and an intention to provide their community with the freshest and most wholesome fruits the Earth can produce. After just a few short years, Southern Belle Organics has accomplished that original goal and gone on to become a global partner in feeding the planet.

Our plans will grow and change as we do, but you can always rely on Southern Belle Organics to bring you the freshest, biggest, and best tasting berries that can be grown in North Carolina.



Our motto is, “Freshness with a Southern Charm.”

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