Meet Brick Rooks and read the Southern Belle Organics’ Story

Brick & Jennifer RooksSouthern Belle Organics was founded and established by Brick and Jennifer Rooks, two young first generation farmers, who started this operation from a love for blueberries, in the hopes of providing the freshest organically grown fruits for their local community. This page is about Southern Belle Organics and every thing we do. “Nature’s way is best,” says Brick Rooks, of Southern Belle Organics, “we are producing fruit as it was intended; organically.” What could be better than fresh fruit, locally grown and picked at the height of its sweetness? Soon, we will add organically grown vegetables to our list of offerings.Organically Grown logo

Our Southern Belle Organics Label

Under the label of Southern Belle Organics, the operation has expanded to become one of the area’s premium organic berry growers, and also a Top-Quality processor of fresh and frozen strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The enterprise has grown so large that growers and farmers in surrounding states are shipping their berries to us to have them quick frozen using the high tech IQF (individual quick freeze) processes utilized by Southern Belle Organics. The products are then shipped all over the USA. Our motto is Freshness with a Southern Charm.

Our Facilities

Brick Rooks IQF Processing Berries at Southern Belle OrganicsSouthern Belle Organics built a 21,000 sq. ft. IQF facility in Bladenboro, NC in 2016 using state-of-the-art equipment, including an IQF Tunnel and Blast Freezers, allowing Southern Belle Organics to increase productivity, and expand the fresh packaging and co-packing arm of the business to a much larger scale. The IQF system can individually quick freeze 60 pounds of blueberries every 6 minutes.

“We are processing top grade, sustainably grown fruits for local wholesale, retail and food service markets as well as global exports” said Rooks, “Next we will be adding vegetables to the list of our specialties.” The IQF facility is used for the Southern Belle Organics label as well as other conventional and organically grown product lines.”

The owners of Southern Belle Organics have recently acquired a new 61,000 sq. ft. facility in Whiteville, NC, This facility, which includes another IQF Tunnel, and will increase our ability to freeze meats, fruits and vegetables for a larger number of private label partners. Conveniently located and designed for high volume, this facility will allow Southern Belle to expand our reach, and greatly enhance the local economy by sourcing the supplies we need from folks we know.

Southern Belle Organics has also begun development of a new 400 acre lot for more of our delicious Organically grown Blueberries.

Southern Belle Organics Branches Out

Southern Belle Organics offers various Fresh Pack sizes for our organically grown product lines, like 6 ounce and pint size clam shell cartons of the biggest freshest berries you’ve ever seen.

The IQF facility packages products in 30-pound boxes as well as various stand-up pouches and lay-flat bags for retail stores. The facility has grown to 25,000 square feet while implementing the Primus GFS (global food safety) initiative.

Southern Belle Organics follows a 32 step HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) program, to maintain health and safety standards in our processing facility, Refrigerated space, Freezer space, Blast Coolers, and of course, the IQF tunnel.

Blueberry Dreams under the NC SkySouthern Belle Organics devotes 283 acres to the production of Organically Grown Blueberries, and another 200 acres to Organic Farmland for the production of various vegetables. In the autumn of 2017, development began on an additional 400 acres for organically grown blueberries.


Southern Belle Organics' planted field


Conventionally grown blueberries marketed under Simply Fruit label, where our motto is, The freshest name in fruit.

Blueberry Harvester in Field

To transport all this delicious fruit to markets across the land, the company also has its own transportation fleet known as Berry Express, LLC, using refrigerated trucks to protect the valuable cargo.

Brick Rooks Southern Belle Organics' Building

The future is looking very bright for the Rooks’ and the next planned expansion is well underway. It will include a 61,000 sq. ft. facility in Whiteville, NC, an additional 400 acres of Organic Blueberries, and a Specialty Pack/Fresh Cut operation for locally grown produce from other farms.

The new facility will be able to produce bagged products, fruit cups, lidded applications, shrink-wrapped products, juices, salsa, and baby foods; keeping up with the demand to feed America.

Partnering for the Future with Brick Rooks

Southern Belle has accepted a Lease Acquisition contract with Gladstone Land Corporation for 310 acres of organic farmland. For more information click HERE


Southern Belle Organics is always open to trying or growing new things. Feel free to contact us anytime, by phone, between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, at 910 648-5424, or by email at Thank you for visiting our website.

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